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  • Seller Application Form: Please fill out our Seller Application Form *. Don't worry! It's a quick form for us to get some basic details on you and your product/brand/ideas.
  • Product Details Exchange: Once done we will review & get in touch withyou to understand about your motivation ,ethics ,moethod of producation and packaging .We may also seek your product catlogue
  • Product Selection: We will examine the details of your product and shortlist the products that we feel will work well for our audience, curation and our cause.
  • Product Sample Review: As part of our verification efforts, we also require three samples of each SKU before partnering with you. You need to send us your samples in their original packaging (as you would send them to your customers).
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India Amaze

Discover Amazing India's Most Beautiful Products and Their Inspiring Stories.

​​​​​​​At IndiaAmaze , we have begun a fascinating journey, a humble attempt to bring India a little closer to the world. Dedicated to creating a unique interpretation of age-old crafts, we partner with artisan communities, textile designers, independent artists and the occasional maverick to showcase a new, contemporary design language that comes from India and belongs everywhere on the globe.

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